jewish wedding

From $460 to $1200

Shalom! Want a Jewish Wedding Ceremony? Check out the team of Rabbis, Cantors and More!!!

"my husband and I had the wedding we dreamed about"  Source: Ashley P.- YELP Reviews


If you don't belong to a Temple, no problem!!! The Rabbis and Cantor Perform Great Jewish Wedding Ceremonies. 

When you choose one of the Rabbis or Cantors their fees range from $999 to $1200

You can also haveone of our Non-Denominational Officiants do a Jewish Style Ceremony for you.

From $460 to $630 depending on the customization.

They can design a ceremony with you that brings all the love and tradition you desire.


Blessing Of the Wine



I Do’s

Ring Exchange  

7 Jewish blessings

Silent Prayer

Crushing of the Glass

And More

You can work with the Rabbis and create a Great Wedding.

The Officiants live in different areas of Southern California.
The Travel Fee will be based on the Officiants Home location.
First 20 miles free.
21-34 mile Travel Fee $40
35 to 49 mile Travel Fee $55
50 to 74 mile Travel Fee $80
75 to 100 mile Travel Fee $130
Over 100 Call for Quote