Lei Exchange

lei exchange

Leis are to be placed over the head of each partner and or family such as kids or parents.

"We had a Hawaiian-themed wedding in Huntington Beach and Alan perfectly tailored the whole ceremony to that theme, which had also included honoring our parents." - Source: Melissa M. - WEDDING WIRE


The Hawaiian word for love is Aloha. Today we’ve come together to celebrate the special Aloha that exists between Groom’s/Bride's and Groom's/Bride’s and their desire to make their Aloha eternal through the commitment marriage.

In Hawaii the giving of a lei is an expression of Aloha. Groom’s/Bride's and Groom's/Bride’s will exchange leis as a symbol of their Aloha for one another.

When two people promise with Aloha in their hearts to share the adventure of life, it is a beautiful moment that they and all of us who are present today will always remember. 

"Groom/Bride, please repeat after me as you place the Lei around your partners neck, 


We have a professional Lei Maker that custom makes our leis. They will deliver.