cord brading ceremony

Braid a set of cords binding you together

"A perfect way to complete the circle of the start of our relationship, as 2 became 1." - Source: Austin D, - YELP Reviews


Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three
strands is not quickly broken.

Today, Groom/Bride and Groom/Bride have chosen to braid three strands together into a
single cord. Each strand has a significant meaning. The gold strand represents
God and his majesty. The purple strand represents the Groom/Bride and his/her life. The
white strand represents the Groom/Bride and his/her life.

In braiding these three strands together, Groom/Bride and Groom/Bride have been woven
together by God as one in marriage. One man/woman, one man/woman, and God. It was God who
taught us to love. By keeping him at the center of your marriage his love will
continue to bind you together as one.