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Q. Are there any Rules when it comes to getting married by you?

A. Other than the Legal requirements there are no rules. Your wedding can be as traditional or as non-traditional as you like. With me, almost anything goes.


Q. Do we need Pre- Marital Counseling?

A. NO! Any Officiant who requires you to undergo Counseling is just trying to make an extra buck off of you. If you think you need Counseling contact a licensed therapist.


Here is your free Counseling...

1. Do you love your partner? If the answer is yes, proceed to the next question.

2. Does your partner love you? If the answer is yes,

Your Counseling is completed.

Congratulations! You may now get married.


Q. How soon can I get the License?

A. To be legally married in California, you must obtain a marriage license from the clerk registrar’s office in any county in California within 90 days of your marriage date and it may be used in any county in California.


Q. Can you provide us with a license?

A. Yes. I am authorized to issue Confidential Marriage Licenses in California. The ceremony must take place in California.


Q. Can you issue me a marriage license if my ceremony is in a different County, State or Country?

A. No and Yes. If you are getting married outside of California you can obtain the license directly from that County, State or Country OR I can issue you a marriage license do a short legal ceremony in my office and then you can have your full ceremony anywhere in the world.


Q. Can I apply online?

A. You can either apply on line to have me issue you a confidential license or directly with the county. In Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, they have online applications. After applying online, both of you must appear in person before me if I am issuing it or at the county office to pick up the license and must present valid picture identification.


Q. How do I get copies of the license?

A. Most counties include a request for copies form along with the license ***fill this out before the ceremony*** and include a check for copies. I will send it in with the license. The copies in LA County are $14 each and I recommend getting at least 2 copies. Once the license is recorded you will be sent the copies you requested .


**NEW As of 2010 if you want to order certified copies by mail A NOTARIZED Statement of Identity is required to be signed prior to sending in for the copies. We have notaries on staff to do this for you.


Q. How long does it take to get our copies?

A. It can take from 4 to 10 weeks each County is different on their turnaround.


Q. What is the difference between a Public and a confidential marriage license?


• You can get married anywhere in the State of California;

• You need at least one witness during your ceremony; and

• The Marriage Record is recorded and made available to the public.


CONFIDENTAL: (this is the type of license that we issue for California)

• You must state you are living together as a couple;

• You have to get married in California

• No witnesses are required

• The Marriage record is recorded but is confidential and is only available to the two married parties.


Q. Who needs to sign the license?

A. Your Officiant (hopefully us) and at least one but can be two witnesses for a public license. Only the Officiants signature is required for a confidential license


Q. Do we need blood tests?

A. No. They are not required in California


Q. Who sends the license in after it is signed?

A. Traditionally it is the Officiants job to return the license to the County.


Q. What if I was divorced or widowed in the past what do I need to bring?

A. If either party has been married before, you must present a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate if the dissolution occurred less than two years ago. If the previous marriage was dissolved more than that, you must know the date of dissolution.


Q. I live out of state or another country can I get married in California

A. Yes! You do not need to be a California resident or a US citizen to marry in California.


Q. Is their a waiting period to get your license.

A. No, you will receive your license immediately when you apply at the county or from us.


Q. What is the minimum age a Couple to may marry?

A. You must be 18 years old or older to marry without parental consent.


Q. Who can marry us?

A. Any of Our Great Officiants.


Q. How Do I change My Name?

A. After you recieve the certified copy from the County FIRST go to the Social Security office.

You can get their Forms by Clicking HERE

Then go to the DMV. You can get their forms by Clicking HERE


Q. You Just Got Married, Now What?

A. The marriage license is your permission to be married, when you provide it to your Officiant on the day of the wedding (free of any stains or wrinkles); your Officiant will sign and file the license with the county. Your Officiant is required to return the license to the county where it was issued within 10 days of the ceremony.

To Get Copies of your Marriage Record


If you Obtained your marriage license from the LA County Clerk’s Office and you pre-ordered the certified copies the county will mail them to you within 8 weeks. If you did not pre-order them they will be available for pickup in 6 weeks.

If you want them mailed to you, you can fill out a request for marriage record form along with a notarized certificate of identity form along with a check to the county for $15 for each copy. These forms are available online at the county’s website.

If one of our notaries issued you the marriage license and the appropriate check was attached to the request forms the county will mail them to you within 8 weeks.


The copies should be available for you to pick up in 3-4 weeks.

If you want them mailed to you, you can fill out a request for marriage record form along with a notarized certificate of identity form and a check payable to that county for $15 for each copy. These forms are available online at each county’s website.


Once your license is submitted to the County, your Officiant and Great Officiants has no access to the documents. If you have pre-ordered them and have not received them after 8 weeks, please do not contact Great Officiants. First, please contact the LA County Clerk at (562) 462-2189 to check the status or If you obtained them in a different county, contact the county clerk’s office where you obtained the license.

The county will ask you for your marriage license #, this can be found on line 25e of your customer copy if provided. If your county does not provide you with a customer copy. Please make a copy of your marriage license for your records.

If the county needs the officiant and/or the notary to make corrections with a duplicate or amendment, we will do our best to guide thru this process. If there are any other issues we will quickly help you resolve the issue to the best of our abilities.

How to Change Your Name

If you requested to change your name on the marriage license, this information applies to you

Once you receive the certified copies from the county clerk’s office you can then start the name change process.

You must first go to Social Security (SSA) and then to the DMV. See below for further instructions.

  • To change your name at SSA:
    • You must fill out and print an Application for a Social Security Card. The application may be found here:
    • Take your application and documents to your local Social Security office.
    • You must show the required documents:
      • Recorded Marriage Certificate (not the customer copy)
      • Current form of ID: a U.S. State ID, U.S. Driver’s License, OR U.S. Passport.
    • Please also note: If you have not already established U.S. citizenship with SSA, you will need to show proof of this; SSA will accept the following as proof of citizenship: original U.S. birth certificate OR U.S. passport.
  • To change your name on your driver’s license or ID you will need to visit your local DMV office and:
  • Complete a Driver License or ID card Application (Form DL 44).
    • Get the form in person at the DMV or have it mailed to you by calling (800) 777-0133.
  • Provide your marriage certificate as your proof of name change.
  • Surrender your old CA driver’s license or ID.
  • You will also need to pay a fee of $27 or $29.


As with any legal decision please consult an attorney to understand all the implications that marriage presents

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