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Our Cosplay Officiants are masters at being fun and spontaneous.

All kinds of customizable themed ceremonies 

Our Cosplay experts are excited to provide you with the ceremony of your dreams


Favorite Quote: “With great power comes great responsibility" —Uncle Ben (Spiderman)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint and Chip (from the Gibson Girls Ice Cream Parlor at Disneyland)

Soundtrack to your life: Greatest American Hero Theme Song

Favorite Disney Movie: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite Event Memory:  The look in Grandma's eyes when i took off my suit during the ceremony to reveal my superman costume underneath. "Priceless"

Your Nickname: Mwaaaage Man

I am the Themed Wedding and Cosplay Wedding master.


I can do Star Wars, Dr Who, Harry Potter, I Princess Bride, Superhero, Disney, Steampunk, Elvis, Holiday Characters and More. 


You name the theme and I can do it. I know a am total geek but I love doing offbeat weddings.


Every time a couple allows me to be creative I revert back to my theatrical roots and write, design, and perform the coolest ceremony in full character with appropriate accents and wording.


In addition to doing weddings I also own a Singing Telegram and Celebrity Impersonator Company where I do 50 different charters. I bring this knowledge to design the most amazing, legendary weddings.



KNOT HALL OF FAME1st Officiant in Southern California to ever be inducted.

COUPLES CHOICE award from WEDDING WIRE 6 years in a row.

TRENDSETTER of the YEAR Award from the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).

LA HOT LIST 5-time winner


I travel across the country as a requested speaker on wedding industry issues.

I am member of and attend events for Wedding Industry Organizations including: ABC, WIPA, AFWPI, AAWO EPA, ISES, NACE, OCBRIDES and more. 


I am also one of our special notaries that can issue marriage licenses




Favorite Quote: “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of possibilities."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Salted Caramel Gelato

Soundtrack to your life: "Across the Universe"

Favorite Disney Movie: Lion King

Favorite Event Memory:  Every time I'm able to work in some words of honor of someone's heritage - in Spanish or Japanese or Hawaiian or Polish, Russian, etc. - especially when visitors from out of country are attending.

Your Nickname: Mikey Mic, The Human Mic, EmCee Mike

I joined Great Officiants in 2015, but I’ve been writing, directing, producing, and performing films and interactive theatre for over 20 years, customizing every performance, with over 1000 events as Host, EmCee, or Auctioneer.

As a Cowboy, Elvis, a Wisconsin Cheesehead, PT Barnum, 1920s era Gangster, a Film Director in Top Hat and Tails, a Vampire (is that the same thing?), The Clergyman from The Princess Bride, or any character we create together, I will help make your wedding fun, romantic, unique, and incorporate the carefully planned with every unexpected gift of the day, absorb any stress related to the ceremony itself, so that you and your party are free to laugh and celebrate.

Thanks to “Aaaaarmy training, sir” my voice is able to command attention; I know how to steer the roller coaster, so that laughter opens your guests, so moments of sensitivity and true emotion are felt more deeply. With a B.A. in English from the Univ. of Notre Dame, I love and study languages and accents, and have weaved phrases in German, Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hawaiian, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, and several other languages into the ceremony.

I live in North Orange County, but gladly travel throughout So Cal.




Favorite Quote: “'Not all who wander are lost.” —J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Soundtrack to your life: David Bowie's discography

Favorite Disney Movie: "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Favorite Event Memory: Realizing that the gorgeous paper-structure boutineer given to me by the couple was actually made from pages of "The Lord of the Rings"

Your Nickname: The Big Red Dog

Clifford is an ordained non-denominational Minister/Officiant and popular host for Hobbit fans around the world. With his resonant, emotive baritone and playful wit, Clifford has officiated weddings for several years.

A voiceover wizard, professional geek, and a pulished J.R.R. Tolkien Scholar, Clifford has been requested by couples across the country to provide special themed ceremonies for those who would love a touch of Gandalf or Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in their special day of celebration.

In the direction of Truth and Love, he honors all belief systems and backgrounds, providing service for his LGBT brothers and sisters and all who seek to share a lifetime together.

Combining magic with romance is Clifford's favorite alchemy; and you'll love the way he guides the audience through the most unique love story ever told - yours. He is delighted that the Universe has brought you both together; now let his voice guide you down the aisle as you both step into a new future.

He resides in Hollywood and serves the entire Los Angeles County area.

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